We have developed a solution called COOLSite which is a powerful website content management system (CMS).

Our COOLSite website builder provides a user friendly control panel to easily manage a website real time. You can create, format, and update your site content as often as you would like and it is easy to do!!

You can do things such as:

  • Edit any aspect of your website with no technical skill. If you can type an e-mail or create a word document you can edit your site.
  • Add new pages in a breeze with our easy to use page wizards.
  • Change the design of your website in seconds.
  • And much more!

There is a suite of templates available to choose from to build your site and are specifically designed with ease of use in mind. Our website builder allows you to get very creative!! We also offer custom design solutions if you prefer that route.

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With Pages, you can:

  • Drag & Drop your pages in the order that you would like them to appear on your navigation menu, and create parent / child pages.
  • Easily edit / rename / delete your content pages.
  • Add Meta Tags (Description & Keywords) to individual pages on your site.
  • Create hidden / private pages that do not show up on your navigation menu.
  • Set limited access to certain pages at your discretion (Registration Required, Password Protected, etc...).
Add Page

Choose from over 15+ Page Types and different configurations including:

  • Do-It-Yourself - Easy to use WYSWIG Editor with optional Advanced HTML access.
  • My Form - Allows you to build a form with the fields of your choice. It can also be used to accept a set credit card payment after the form has been submitted.
  • FAQ - Include a Frequently Asked Questions section about your website and answer any general questions a customer may have.
  • Photo Gallery - Allows you to display professional photo galleries in stunning quality, easily add your own photos and impress anyone.
  • Guestbook - Allows your visitors to fill out an entry on your website for other visitors of your website to view. You can also preview entries before they are posted via E-mail.
  • RSS Feed - Allows you to add an address of a RSS Feed to display as a page on your website.
  • and much more...
Meta Tags
  • Easily add Meta Descriptions for a text preview for anyone searching for your keywords.
  • Easily add Meta Keywords and draw lots of hits via Search Engines. We provide all the coding; just simply add what words you would like to be key words.
  • Access to your HEAD area of your site for HTML and other code that could help draw more traffic.
Configure Layout
File Storage
  • Upload countless file types (documents, audio and video) and easily direct hyperlink customers to any files uploaded. In addition, you have the added benefit of uploading more than one file at once or simply drag n drop the files you want uploaded.
Page Stats
Change Design
Mailing List
User Options
Registered Users
Domain Registration
Support Resources
  • We also have an available Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Email Tickets, and Phone Support. Visit the Colony One Customer Portal for access info to all available support.

While we work with all industries, we have been partnering with Realtors for years and understand the dynamics of your business and have specific solutions for your needs. With numerous IDX data feeds available across the country, our technology website packages are ready for you to start publishing local and regional MLS listings through your site.

Some specifics about our Real Estate Module:

View My Listings
  • View/Edit the listings of any agent/brokerage currently configured on your site.
  • Mark selected listings as 'Featured'.
Add My Listing
My Rentals
Listing Configuration
  • Add Agents to your site to begin pulling in their listings automatically from MLS.
  • Add your Brokerage to your site to begin pulling in your company / firm listings automatically from MLS.
  • Configure your Lead Routing settings to ensure that the listing inquiries that are sent from your site are routed to the correct e-mail address(es).
What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its current and prospective customers.

CRM software can be used to enter, store, and access information about existing customers and new sales prospects.

Typical CRM goals are to improve services provided to customers and use customer contact information for targeted marketing. Cost savings and increased profitability are often recognized results of using CRM applications.

About Our CRM

We have developed a powerful, easy to use, and integrated CRM system to manage the leads you will gain from your website. There are numerous features within the CRM system including lead management, drip campaigns, and the ability for your customers to receive automated emails with listing results based on their saved search criteria. From a brokerage perspective there is even the ability to automatically assign leads to agents and much more.

What are the benefits / features of our CRM application?
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Centralized System to manage all of your Leads
  • Ability to categorize your leads based on the Status and Group that you define
  • Import all of your existing leads at once
  • Customize your CRM Settings to best suit your business needs
  • Ability to intake leads into the CRM application from External Sources other than your main website
  • Ability to Search your leads based on custom criteria which will help drive sales results
  • See a Report of the number of leads that were entered into the CRM system by date, which can be sorted by specific Staff Member, Group, Status and Source
  • Setup Automated Mail Drips to systematically target your existing and new leads
  • New leads can be assigned to Staff Members automatically
  • Send emails to your leads directly from the CRM system. There is no need to log into a separate e-mail account. You can also use various Tokens in your e-mail messages to automatically populate information such as the name of the lead, the staff member in which the particular lead is assigned to, etc.
  • Setup reminders to follow up with your leads. Receive these alerts via e-mail to help ensure you follow up promptly.
  • View relevant history about your leads, including the date they were created in the CRM system, their Saved Listings, their Saved Searches, the recent e-mails that were sent to them via the CRM system, etc.
  • Add Products easily with descriptions, photos, options, and much more.
  • Search Filter Products for quick access to Edit products at any time, and make changes instantly.
  • Drag-n-Drop Photos and Files into a Product.
  • Easily rename and upload class photos.
  • Quickly and simply add products in your catalog to a E-Bay Auction, a quick way to promote and move product.
  • Classes - Create categories so that you can better group, organize & manage your products.
  • Manufacturers - Create a list of Manufacturers so that you can better group, organize & manage your products.
  • Product Options allow your customers to choose specific attributes or add-ons for each product (e.g., size, color etc.).
  • Instantly check orders and order information
  • Send a custom response instantly after an order is completed.
  • Create a database of past orders (and order info) as well as current orders.
Promo Codes
  • Offer Promotional Codes for customers to use at check out offering discounts. You can choose how and how much each promo code is worth.
Cart Configuration
  • Select from several payment methods.
  • Get hooked up with a payment processor that will get you payment quickly and efficiently.
  • Accept all major forms of payment (all credit cards, Checks, Orders by phone) and be able to have instant payment processing.
  • Configure sales tax have the option to choose your own rate or have us automatically configure to a certain area of your choice (all the way to the local level).
  • Activate/Deactivate your shopping cart whenever you like.
  • Easily send order custom order confirmations.
  • Add specific check out instructions.
COOL Cart Preferences
  • Fully customizable coolcart/catalog system. Control everything with the click of a mouse!
  • "Mini-Shopping Cart" window always displays current order amount and items to customers in real time as they browse your site.
  • "What's New?" item window displays info for the latest additions to your catalog. Items are automatically rotated in and out, so every time you load a page a different "new" item is advertised!
  • Browsing products has never been so easy with our "Category List" dropdown. This feature enables customers to select a product category or class that they are interested in and automatically view all products pertaining to that category.
  • If a customer likes a specific manufacturer, they can view all their products available in your catalog with a single click of the mouse using our "Manufacturer List" dropdown.

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